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Anxious patients

Dentistry is an area of health that invokes a lot of anxiety in patients.

At Mermaid dental studio, we aim to reduce your anxiety with a calm environment, experienced dentists, quality patient education and anxiety treatments if required.

We recommend a slow introduction to dental treatment with just an exam and clean to meet and get to know your dentist, understand the treatment you require and to discuss ways to manage your anxiety in future appointments.

Once you are feeling more at ease, we recommend 6 monthly preventive care appointments to ensure that any potential dental problems are identified early and can be addressed with minimal intervention.

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Dentistry has come along in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, not just in newer technology and more gentle approaches to treatment but also in dentist-patient rapport and relationships. Our goal is to make you feel safe, educated and empowered to make decisions regarding your dental health and to proceed with treatment feeling comfortable and in control. 

Patients who have had bad experiences in the past will find that the modern technology and newer, more gentle approaches to treatment is all they need to start to reassure them.

Anxious children?

Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age can start to get them familiar with the environment and remove the stigma and anxiety often associated with​ trips to the dentist. We recommend 6 monthly dental appointments from the age of 2 for all children.

We will work with you and your child and accommodate their needs while encouraging and promoting an enjoyable experience that keeps them wanting to return.

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