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General Dentistry

Prevention is the best way to manage your oral health and here at Mermaid dental studio we recommend you visit one of our dentists every 6 months for an exam and clean appointments to stay on top of your oral health needs. 

Our dentists develop a customised hygiene plan that includes exams, dental cleans, x-rays and diagnostics to prevent, uncover diagnose and treat dental problems as early as possible.

Here are the services our DENTISTS provide

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Gold Coast general dentistry you can trust!

General dentistry includes the examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity and associated structures. It includes restorative work and basic pain management procedures.

If a problem is uncovered, your dentist will ensure that you get timely and appropriate treatment and if we can’t do it then we can refer you to a local dental specialist who can.

Restore your smile today!

Our dental restorations (fillings) are a composite resin tooth coloured material which comes in multiple shades to help us match your smile as best as possible. If you are experiencing sensitivity to temperature or sweet foods, can feel cavities with your tongue or can see dark spots on the teeth, you may require a dental restoration.

Book in today for your exam appointment and we will put together a treatment plan and quote for you for any dental work required.

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