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Emergency dental

Emergency dental encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of any condition causing pain, discomfort or concern to the patient. From a simple lost filling to surgical extraction or facial trauma there are numerous treatment options available to reduce, alleviate or repair the dental problem.

Our Gold Coast emergency dental services cover:

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Chipped a tooth?

Lost fillings or broken teeth can often be repaired with a restoration or crown as long as the damage is not too extensive; but if there is pain involved, this can be a sign that the nerve inside the tooth is affected and may require more extensive treatment such as a root canal or an extraction.

Emergency dental tooth extraction Gold Coast locals can trust

Extraction, as the name suggests, is the removal of a tooth. This procedure can range from straight forward, to requiring sectional or surgical removal and in very difficult cases, requires referral to an oral surgeon. If an extraction needs to be done, we will discuss gap replacement options with you to help restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Root Canal treatment by a Gold Coast dentist

Root Canal Treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is all about saving your tooth.
Its aim is to:

root canal treat gold coast

How long does Root Canal treatment take?

The Treatment is usually spread out over 2 or 3 appointments with a space of a few weeks in between. Your pain will be relieved by removing the infected or necrotic pulp tissue and treating the tooth with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medications.
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How do I know I need root canal treatment?

In some cases, you may not know you have an infected tooth and a dentist will pick up the infection on a routine dental x-ray. But often the signs and symptoms include:

Do you think you need an extraction?

At Mermaid Dental Studio, we are in the business of saving teeth. However, in some circumstances when your tooth is beyond repair or the long-term prognosis is compromised, we will recommend an extraction. Simple and some surgical extractions can be performed in house but in some cases, we will refer on to an oral surgeon to safely remove the tooth. 

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